This is my first work post since a long time as I was busy with tests and stuff. But now I can work more on maps and projects, so I think I'll post more here

Anyway, this map has no special use, I've done it just for training and testing techniques. I've found a nice way to make mountains, at least I think they are good, maybe need some more work, but for now, they are good. I have worked more on the borders this time, they still aren't as good as I wanted, but close enough. Also I draw my first compass rose.

At the begining I wanted to make the cities more than just circles and squares, but it turned out I'm not that good to do this =/

The map itself is about a rich peninsular kingdom called Nomaria, the last of the old kingdoms, which were conquered by the Canonians. The wall protects the kingdom against the Canonian armies that try to conquer them, and by the date the map was done, they still couldn't do it.

But enough with the writting....

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PS: A special "thank you" to Coyotemax for his Old Papers and the Woodcut tutorial. To djekspek for the Compass rose tutorial. To Arsheesh for the border tutorial.