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Thread: Starting off with a hello...

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    So... hello. I abuse ellipsis btw, it's a nasty habit I need to rid myself off... Did it again.

    I haven't gotten the chance to get a good look around the forum yet, but I imagine there are a lot of people like me here, who write fantasy and enjoys world building. Problem though, is that I have recently discovered that I totally suck at drawing maps. I consider myself a decent artist otherwise, so I don't think learning will be THAT difficult (am I being naive perhaps?)

    Other than that, I'm a girl from Norway and I'm currently studying English lit. I use a really old version of Photoshop for drawing... makes me worried that I won't know half of the tools you guys use, but I hope I'll manage.

    Be nice to me please.

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    Welcome and don't worry. We'll be nice, girl from Norway, don't worry and do ask and help yourself to the tutorials.

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    Welcome, spklvr --- pick a likely tutorial and dive in! And yes, especially if you're already a decent artist, you'll no doubt be able to create good maps -- you'll just need some practice. Like with any other artistic endeavor, I assume you've filled your head with examples of what you want to create? Do you have particular styles you want to emulate?

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