yeah, how do I start?
I am Virenerus and I create a browsergame and the rpg system for the game
I tried a bit to create maps but ecause of the programming work I have not so much time to spend

I search for a person who wants to create a map or may some more in the future for Kreos (name of the game^^).
the specifications:
  • we have a bad looking but relative detailed map so there will be not to much freedom
  • we have borders, some islands, the continents and the big towns
  • we have the ocean currents and the clime in the regions
  • we have a raw height map
  • i will give the towns and the names

may you think this is hard for the artist but the world is really well designed and big changes would be bad for the progress of this project

the finished picture should fit in a website, so the map should be on an virtual paper or should have a border

so I hope there are some guy
but I think you want to know something about the kreos project
(because noone make a blindmapcreation ^^)

Kreos is a big RPG world with all you can imagine. There are diffrent races
, like the small humanoid bugs. They are known as Brpl, because no human can imitate their speach, that contains out of click sounds. There are diffrent kingdoms, diffrent races and lots of classes. We try to create a browsergame that:
  • is fun playing
  • makes you say "I never have seen this thing!" after ojne year of playing.
  • that is realistic (but fantasy) and athmospheric
  • that let you play your role (as it should be in an RPG)
  • that rewards playing, not spending money

So I hope there are some guys who would like to create a world map of Kreos (the planet).
If there are questions to this project or just ideas or other stuff:
I would like to answer everything @.@