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Thread: New Member, Trying to make some decent maps.

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    Default New Member, Trying to make some decent maps.

    Hi all, I'm new here. After messing around with maps both on paper and in GIMP I've arrived here and am amazed at the quality people can get with GIMP. The tutorials I have followed have been very insightful and useful. So this is just a thread introducing myself.

    The main reason I like to make maps (other than just for the enjoyment of it) is to create a world to creatively write with, for both role-playing and just for fun. I was wondering whether any of you have any tips on town/city placement and how many roads/other attractions should be on a map. I realise that it depends on scale.

    So a bit of information about me. My name is Will, I'm from the UK and have just started university over here studying physics.

    Thanks for all the awesome tutorials, the main ones I've followed so far are by Jon A so thanks to him.
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