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    Map My first map.

    This is the first ever map I've ever really made. It's probably not finished, to be honest. But right now it looks at least presentable. It's for my video game, and hopefully will be used inside the game, other than just a reference for client-based mapping.

    This is my first ever map, so I hope I've not incurred any incredibly dumb things, I've heard about river police and what not. Although I must ask you to ignore the red pulls of 'something'(which is actually a sort of magma pool) as that's more to do with the logical fallacies of the game to begin with.

    Anyway! Some words or something would be nice.

    Also, it'd be great if somebody could maybe suggest some fonts or any other way I could stylize the map further. I'm thinking of making it slightly sepia, or grey scale, or at least desaturatising it, as it's a bit bright.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This would look nice in Sepia. As for fonts, it will largely depend on what kind of era you are wanting to project. Times Roman can be a good general one, but if this is a Mediterranean or Caribbean style the font will be very different. Of course, who discovered and mapped it can make just as much go a difference as where it is located.

    You might also want one of the old style BlackAdder(?) ones or Vintner. Sorry for not posting exact names as I am on my iPad and not in front of my main computer.

    Of course, if I am looking for a new font, I go to Google and search "font style" and look at the Images section.

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    I know what bothered me a little. The rivers look like just hanging above the forest. I'm no expert on the matter, but try to look up some tutorials on the rivers; also try to match the color with the lake. Apart from those, i'm a big fan of this style. I like it.

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