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    Post The World of Iona

    I am currently putting together world and region maps for a new campaign world I am designing; it'll be used for the upcoming 4th Edition D&D game.

    It's my first time in really designing anything like this, all done using photoshop 7, and I used a flat-earth world, simply because it is easier to design (I don't need to worry about curvature etc).

    Any comments appreciated.

    Link to the first, basic, world map: The World of Iona.
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    I really like the background! It will be interesting to see you flesh out the detail on the world. Nice use of colour although there is some sacrifice of clarity to style. Perhaps a small glow around the text might help? The icy reaches on the circumference are stunning. I'd love to know the technique you used to achieve them.

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    I know what you mean about the text. On the regional maps I put a little background under the text to make it stand out.

    I'll need to tweak that map anyhow, so I'll make the text stand out more then.

    As for my technique: mostly trail & error using brushes and patterns, I forget which. I'll have a look when I get home and let you know

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    The white and the blue make me think its got a mystical element. Life in the middle of a harsh universe. I like it.


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