I've actually been a member of this site for a few months by this point but I never spoke up and said anything until now. I take great pleasure in mapping and creating visual aids for different things (Although I'm not very good yet). Even though I enjoy it so much, it's still kind of new to me. I mostly use Photoshop 7. I used to go to ITT for Visual communications, but I dropped out I'm trying to get back into school to learn more about digital art and such, but I'm having trouble with that, lol. I suppose the reason I'm bringing all this up is because I would love to learn as much as I can about mapping and drawing things digitally and this site seems to be a very good resource. If anyone can point me in the direction of some interesting links or helpful tools I'd very much appreciate it.

On another note, I'm actually not a drawing artist. I'm very new to drawing in any form or fashion. I'm open to learning, because I think it's becoming a new hobby. (I do, however, play the piano .)