Hello everybody,

my name is Karsten, I am 37 years of age and live in Germany and discovered the Cartographer´s Guild as I looked for a specific map for a role-playing game I intended to play. I usually draw the maps for myself, mostly by hand, but in this case I found here at the Cartographer´s Guild´s forum a map, which exceeded by far what I was looking for. So I took some looks around these pages and found it truly interesting to see so many good works of mapping.

My first steps at mapping I took at the age of around five years. Since I virtually grew up with an atlas on my knees, sitting on the loo, I wanted to paint those nice, little maps for myself, because I intended to do it better than the real world. With the years it grew into some kind of passion for me and when I was introduced to role-playing games, I combined my passion for drawing maps of nearly every kind and role-playing games.
As I said, I usually drew my maps by hand, I would like to change it now and turn to graphic programs to draw maps with. Some first tries with GIMP need a little redoing, but I think, I will be able to achieve a higher standard by using the experience provided here.

So long, Karsten