Following the Wikipedia colour standards and using a heightmap I can't say I made, since I am not God (yet, anyway)—it's derived from NASA data. Which looks very realistic but is obviously very hard to customise if you need to...

Someday I'm going to learn how to draw my own heightmaps

The map, empty
It's uneven. I need to smooth it out sometime. Or at least blur the edges of the heightmap so it doesn't make it look so weird. Or just do without the heightmap.

This will probably serve to track how I usually draw maps for the curious few.
The map, with rivers—major catchments labeled
Note: I did not actually draw all the rivers. The ones outside the borders of this specific country I've mostly ignored for now. Will go back to them later.

Currently working on: Hypsometry. This will probably take a while but I'll update when I'm done.