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Thread: Greetings from Sweden!

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    Map Greetings from Sweden!

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Niklas, and I'm a 32-year old roleplayer from Sweden. I've always loved maps, both real world ones and those of imaginary worlds. I am mainly into fantasy roleplaying, and my favorite game is Pathfinder. I am currently running the Kingmaker adventure path for my players, and we are having a blast!

    I don't draw as much as I want to, and I guess I blame it on not having enough time, but here's a couple of maps I've done:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Welcome the Guild! that first map, you drew out puts all of my hand drawn stuff to shame, I have no clue how to do perspective drawings.

    Your second map.. That is the style of map I can draw, as long as there is graph or hex paper, my players don't want to kill me. What is it of, temple of sorts?

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    Hiya from a fellow Pathfinder fan!

    How far are you through Kingmaker? I've started to run it a few times, but never got very far, lol. Lots of fun, though!

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    The cut-away view map is the real grabber here - do hand-drawn maps like that and you could be winning Cartographers' Guild challenges in no time. The overhead view dungeon map is good, too, and I like the old-school simplicity.

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