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    Wip First World and Regional Maps

    Hey guys what's up?

    I'm new to drawing maps, but I made a try, because I like maps. I don't have the skills to do an amazing map like most of the forum so take it easy.
    I hand-made it. At first I made some Continental Lines, then I scanned (?) it and used photoshop to make the Lines more clearly. Still using photoshop, I made "Coast Lines", to indentify the sea (of course).

    (Here how it looks like at this point: )

    Then I chose a Scale for both Maps (World and Regional) and determined North.

    At the World map I made Political Divisions of Countries/Kingdoms/Realms/Empires.
    At the Regional Map I draw the most important rivers and a mountain chain.

    So, let's see how it is:

    World Map with Political Divisions:

    Regional Map with Mountais and Important Rivers (need to learn how to draw Forests, any tips?):

    Some observations:
    • The political divisions may look like "everything to close" but it's not. It is just POLITICAL division, doesn't mean that all the area is inhabited.
    • There is some stains in the last two pictures because my scanner is stained, not my fault.
    • I'm really new on this so I'm open to suggestions =P

    PS.: A General Question about the Forum: what does "WIP" means?
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    Your post was stalled in moderation, so I have approved it!

    WIP means "Work In Progress" that you want comments, help, or constructive criticism with, as opposed to a finished map you are just showing off.

    -Rob A>

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    Wow, thanks for sharing! This is looking really nice.

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    Thanks RobA and dangerdog15.

    I still stucked on that. I was hoping to see more tips or critics about something wrong or whatever.
    I'll take the silence of the 109 forum members wich have seen the post as a good critic.
    My next step is on the Forests of the Regional Map, than the cities and names and etc.

    Still open for replies though. Feel free fellas.


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