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    Map The Map of Flammarion

    Well met!

    Here are a couple of maps I made recently for a roleplaying game I'm currently running (they are in Castillian, I'm afraid).

    The first map represents the "known world" from the perspective of the player's initial location (the part labbeled as "Nuevo Imperio" -"New Empire"-), picturing the continents of Bastor and Caladar and a rough location of some main landmarks. Note should be made that this world is flat and the sun is actually a burning disk being carried by titanic flaming giants riding a brass charriot across the sky, which rides atop the western half of the map. Hence, the weather gets hotter the further west you go, rather than at the tropics.

    The frames and title-ribbon-thing I took from a 1600's portuguese map of the Azores. The compass was taken from, I think, a Hallmark card. This is the first map I draw trying to make it look like an actual old map. Not sure if succeeded, but I'll get it working eventually.

    The second map... I just noticed is not in this computer. I'll post it once I get home!
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