A couple of weeks ago I posted the world map for Lannithir, for the Illfrost adventure arc for Illusionary Press. The first adventure for the world of Illfrost is out now and I created the tactical battlemaps for it:

The adventure takes place in and around an ancient temple on a remote island that has been occupied by a present day threat. But ancient temples always hide some darker peril, and this one is no different. The maps had to hark back to the older magic woven through the fabric of the temple itself, so I added some swirling spiral patterns through the walls and floors. As players explore, they’ll see bits and pieces of the design, but only the GM sees the full picture.

A hidden staircase behing the temple chamber leads down into the dungeons where the true secrets of the temple lie in wait for intrepid, or unlucky, adventurers.

I’ve also partnered with Illusionary Press to provide these maps as map packs. You can get your hands on the full res (100px per grid) maps, along with multipage pdfs for home printing, and maptool files with vision and light implemented – over on my map store or over at Illusionary Press. The maps are available individually (click the images above to go to the product page for each) or as a discounted bundle for all three.