Good Day!

While I do not come from where "here there be dragons", I must have come from somewhere very distant, as I have been an avid maker of maps for many years yet have never discovered this community.

As this site autonomously suggests that I should introduce myself, I feel I should do so lest I make it angry (you know how these AI can be). In that vein, I am Cailen'tyr, or Cai for short (that's a hard C as in Cat). Long time Role player, Map maker and occasional Game master.

My mapping began off as the drawing of floor plans for buildings, my gateway maps if you will. Soon I moved on to the harder stuff, countries, floating isles, and even Continents. On rare occasions, I even map whole worlds. Yet I'm afraid I've gone even farther in the last couple years as I run a Sci-fi campaign and therefore have begun mapping entire regions of space. Spending hours with either paper and a pencil or in front of a computer mapping, remapping, coloring, detailing and printing maps, its an addiction. I've even gone so far is to create a 3d digital model of one of my cities (albeit I borrowed some 3d buildings for it, I'm not so far gone yet that I have to model each individual one)

That more or less covers my history with maps. The majority have been fantasy maps, with only a few being modern or sci-fi maps, though the latter are becoming more common.

I look forward to being a part of this community.