Hello everyone! My name is Paul. I hope everyone is having a great day. I actually heard about this place from my professor and I cannot wait to explore this site.

I am actually in the process of beginning a directed readings/independent study of cartographic principles in fantasy maps and other fictional worlds. I will be taking a look at various literature involving fantastical maps as a basis for understanding how they compare to maps of reality. Then I will be examining certain fantastical maps themselves, as a sort of critique from a professional cartographer's perspective (or at least try to, I'm not a professional yet). I will also be blogging about my research throughout the semester, making presenting the media easier.

Just by glancing at the home page for the Cartographer's Guild, I have a feeling I will find a wonderful amount of examples, perspectives, and maybe even people that can help me with my study.

Thanks for your time. I'm excited to get started.