Hello and greetings!
I was pointed this direction from Deviantart looking for a map!

Time Constraints

Would like the map done before June.
Paid Requests
I'm not sure what a Map is worth, but I'd like to keep it under $100 ideally.
This map really caught my eye, and I thought it was lovely. It's on DA.
I don't need it in color, just black and white.

Description of Map

What I would like is a map of the largest city in my world, Kanrak. It is from a fantasy-Egyptian setting, and as such, I'm trying to preserve some of that style. The city is huge, and built around a river. I have some sketches, and my attempt at a map, so you won't be flying blind. I'm also open to artistic changes, as I'm no expert at this. I'm the kind of gal that is like, "As long as the palace and the temple row are on other sides of the river, I don't care about the rest of the city, make it look good and go wild!"

Quality & Size

I deally, I'd love to print it out and frame it. But its real use is to have a guideline for the players in my game, as a reference.

Copyright - I will not be publishing this map to make money. The most I would do with it is print it out for my friends, and put it in to a three-ring binder that we call the Big Book. Eventually, I'd like to have all these pages bound (like sprial bound at Staples), so its easier to look through it. I will not be making profit off of it, just sharing it with my group. So in that, I'd like permission to print it out. I would prefer that the artist didn't sell my map since its for my world, but I've got no problem with them posting it or using it for their portfolio.


There are two other large cities in the world, and a couple minor locations. I'd really be interested in working with an artist for future maps too!


I'm new here, so I can't get PMs yet. Please email me at dragoninthemist@gmail.com if you are interested!