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Thread: Greetings from an apprentice Cartographer

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    Hello people from vast and uncharted lands!

    I'm just an humble apprentice in the art of the fantasy cartography. My skills are better than nothing, but no better than that. So i'm here to learn to give life to coast and continents, rivers and islands, oceans and mountains.

    My main goal is to map my beloved, yet troubled land, behold Erderia a land so vast that no known cartographer had mapped it all, and so dangerous that no one dare to do so. Until now, i hope to be the one who will map every swath of land and sea of the beautifull landscape of Erderia.

    But for this stupendous task i need allies. Master cartographer who would lend me tips and tools, and, a crew who i could trust and, together, make happen this so daring feat.

    My intent is to begin the mapping of the most rich, cultural, thrilling and dangerous of the continents. The scarred Aester, in a past lost in memory it was a jewel, the most bright star in the sky, but now it's just a pale shadow of forgotten times.

    I hope you can help me with this task, tha is my plea.

    Roleplay aside, I'm Igor from Brazil, and i just love creating maps. I have hundreds of them on loose papers or charts, dungeons, cities, regions, countries, continents and worlds (on world, but drawn 4 times). I here to learn put this "gift", in digital media, i hope i'll find good people to help me in this!

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