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Thread: Land Of Nevarikk - Wip

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    Default Land Of Nevarikk - Wip

    this is a wip.. i used a tutorial made from someone in the guild the file name(given to me by a friend) is Saderan Tutorial v.103
    So i tried and this came out.
    i need help finding something to use as markers for cities, castles, etc. also, i haven't been able to find a good font to use to name the locations on this map. i you like it and want to help please suggest some fonts? i'll dig on the forum for the markers( if you kow some too i'd be very obliged)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    note: in the north of the continent there's a white zone. it is not ice nor a pole. the ground there and all flora is all white. it's a unbalance that came after the world was re-created after almost complete destruction.

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    Markers I am unsure on, but for fonts you should check the font library thread Fonts Library

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    Thanks for the heads up on the northern part of the map. My eye was drawn to that almost immediately. Some text there will help it to explain itself so I hope you find the font you're looking for.

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