Sorry Guys but I found the time and couldn't resist entering this one !!

Let's see we got the old wall clock, some paint, Watercolors, airbrush, Bucket of clay , box of plaster, Fishing lures?, Gelatin??, Flashing lights, Moto-tool.
Yep should be all there! This is the U.F.O. Photography Forum Right? Wait a minute ....Damn!!!

Wait a second here...January mapping challenge Yadda Yadda
January 30th Yadda Yadda Mapping Diorama...Yeah Let's do that !!
### LATEST WIP ###
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Upon the Incantation of the mystic words I will transform this Pile of Drek into a Masterpiece of art.
"Clatto Verata Nnn" ...Necktie, necturn, nickle, noodle. It's an 'N' word. It's definitely an 'N' word