So this week I got a little bored and decided to make a map. Nothing new about the drawing style, but this time I tried to make it look like more older than it's usual for my maps, and I'm kind of happy with the results.

I drew both man and fist (as you can see I'm not that good at drawing =/), then I took a picture of them and placed on my map.

About the map itself, it shows the strategy and attacks made by the general Marcus De Lione to the land of Lusia. You will find lots of words and names that aren't english, they are actually a mix between portuguese, spanish and, but I'm not sure, a little bit of italian. The notes and writing are in english tough.

Well, I have to thank Coyotemax for his amazing papers. Boslok for the tree brushes. And the all the CG

Hope you like it, done in PS and GIMP.

Click image for larger version. 

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