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    Hi Everyone,

    My name's Ty. I'm 24, an IT professional, PhD student and various other descriptive things to boot. I guess most relevant to my purpose for being here is my passion for writing fantasy. In the past this has usually been confined to fan-fiction, forum based RPGs and poorly differentiated LOTR clones, but I've finally come up with an original concept for a fantasy setting that I want to develop substantially. I'm only in the very early stages, but before I get too bogged down in history and politics I thought a map would be in order so I can organise my thoughts - so I came here to learn from the very talented members of this guild - I've been lurking for a few days and I'm astounded by the quality of the maps produced by people here. Hopefully some of these skills will rub off me while I'm around.

    I'm pleased to be joining you, anyhow.


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    Hello Ty, Welcome to the guild,

    Nice, an IT professional, I just want to go this way on my professional life.
    Well, the tutorial area is your first stop I guess, really good tutorials there. The users here are usually nice so you'll get help as sson as you post a WIP or doubt

    Good luck,

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