I'm working on making a proper map for an RPG campaign world for a game I'm planning inspired by various ancient myths and legends. I don't have much experience with map-making - I've created a few, but all of them were pretty basic and nothing like I want for this. I followed Tear's Sederan tutorial in creating these maps, with a few tweaks here and there.

So far, I've made two completely separate maps. I decided the first one both wasn't good-looking enough and was too low-resolution for my uses (it was 'only' 2500x1000px). So, I remade it over yesterday and today at 10000x5000px - damned thing got too big for the PSD file format and I had to save it as a PSB. The new map is too large to really use as-is (even as a JPG it's 8 MB), but its detail seems perfect for digital regional maps.

I've included a full-resolution (1600x1200px) regional map of Europe and a 2500x1250px whole-world map.

The map is intended to be very obviously Earth, but a different Earth. Coastlines aren't intended to match up, some features are completely new (such as the channel cutting Africa in half), there are a few extra islands and one new continent, etc.

I still need to add country borders, labels, etc. I also might shrink Greenland a bit, cutting off the northern section somewhat. I also need to get a decent looking map border, and I'd like it to eventually look like a cloth map, complete with folds/etc. Wish I could make it look hand-drawn, or possibly hand-shaded, but I'm sure that's not going to happen without redoing the whole thing.

I have no idea if the graticules are accurate for this kind of map projection (or what projection this might be), but they're really there to look cool and help navigation, not to be 100% accurate to reality.

Thanks for any suggestions/comments/criticism.

First attempt:

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Second attempt, full world:

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Second attempt, full-resolution Europe:

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