This is another map for my campaign, done over the weekend. Moccasin Hill is a swamp town with some interesting things going on. It is perpetually shrouded in fog, especially at night. The map depicts one of its lighter periods. All of the roofs are done in a reed thatch.

Being in the middle of the Fenwater Bog between the great cities of Arbordan and Bandurin, the village at times sees a lot of traffic between the two, although there are other routes (such as the Ubathor and Gildenmorrow Rivers) that are more heavily traveled. There is also an underground tunnel that spans the distance between Gammaldine and Bandurin, but it belongs to the Dwarves and they share their secrets with few topsiders.

The techniques used were mostly developed in my Siete Torres map. Buildings that perfectly align with the sun can be flatter than they should be. A lot of the props came from

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