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Thread: City Map, Post Apocalyptic Setting

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    Map City Map, Post Apocalyptic Setting

    I am working on a small campaign setting to be put in a 2$ PDF on drive thru RPG. This is an expansion to a game that is already published called Toypocalypse. I need a map of the city in the campaign setting. We already have a basic map drawn up. It doesnt really need to have any sort of scale. It needs to fit on either a 8.5x11 or 11x17.

    The setting is a post-apocalyptic world where toys have become sentient (think the movie 9). The map is for a campaign setting in that game. The map is of the town, it contains probably 6-12 important locations. The map is of a real city (albeit in a futuristic, and odd, post-apocalypse setting) so there is reference material to be had. Although we have sort of condensed the actual landmarks to make them fit within the part of the city that is being used in the campaign.

    Here is our VERY CRUDE drawing of the map.

    I couldnt find anything here on this site that even remotely resembles what we are looking for.
    It could have a slightly cartoony quality to it:
    but with a more depressing tone.
    Maybe a treasure map look or feel to it?
    I am open to ideas from the artist.

    Image preferably 150px / inch or higher. 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 so 1650x1275 minimum
    Black and White, or Grayscale

    Would prefer Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license or similar (because that's what the product will have, therefor the art contained within it must have a similar license).


    Negotiable; The final product is going to be a cheap PDF file that probably will sell very limited quantities. I understand your talent is valuable, and I want to compensate you but the budget is limited.

    Trevor Christensen
    trevor (at) topropegames (dot) com

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    I have found a cartographer/artist for this job.

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