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    Default Two Cities


    Subject :

    This will be two maps of coastal cities. I have already developed an overland map and need help with the cities. If anyone is willing to assist that would be awesome.

    This is the overland map :

    I need a map of Camwyn (large port, capital of the nation of Camwyn)
    And Theria (large city with several districts and a port)

    Picture the Camwyn somewhat like Venice with a large Senatorial palace near the land side of the city and a large temple dedicated to a God of light at the center of the town. The source for the canals all flows from the temple and all the main roads in town should lead to the temple. It

    The city of Theria itself is divided into 'districts' and the only restricted access is given to the Evgenis district where the King's castle is located as well as the grounds of the college. The Emporos district is home to many middle and upper class merchants that are not actually of the nobility and the Astegos district is known for housing the poor. All of this is surrounded by a high wall, over sixty feet in height that was built with magic long ago when Drakewyld was ruled by one King and their wizards knew more then modern men could dream. The roughest part of town is the Varka district outside the wall against the sea. All sea trade with the elves and the wild lands north of the Drakewyld mountains comes through this port and the slave markets are here showing and selling newly captured slaves from the Northern Expanses. The Evgenis docks are well patrolled and guarded day and night and only nobles and their guests can even approach the great elven ships that trade with the Lords of Theria.

    Style :

    I am looking for a photo-realistic style map but beggars can't be choosers, anything that I can label to represent the various areas of the cities and use for our DnD game.

    Quality :

    I am looking for something that looks attractive for our DnD game but again, since I don't have any money for this project, the best you can do would be awesome!

    I wont need to print copies, just display on the web.

    600x600 is more then big enough.

    Time :

    We are looking to start our first session on the 19th but play wont start until the 4th of March.

    Copyright :

    The artist will maintain copyright, I only want to be able to reproduce it for causal gaming.

    Contact Details :


    Thanks for any help anyone can provide!
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