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    Default Gimp Script: Label Points

    I saw a reference to a Gimp script that will label the points of a path and draw circles around/behind them:

    The suggestion was that this could be used to label maps quite easily...but after playing with it for a while I found a few limitation. After taking a look at the code, I figured I'd rewrite it from scratch to give more flexibility.

    This script will label the points in a path numerically, alphabetically or using custom numbering; it lets you specify the font and label size and optionally will outline or circle the labels.

    Unzip and save the script RMA_label_points.scm to your gimp user script folder. This script shows up in the path menu (right click on a path) as "Label Path Points..."

    It will use your current foreground colour for the labels and the current background colour for the outline or circle.

    Options are:
    • Method (Numeric - 1,2,3, etc.; Alphabet - A, B, C, etc; Custom)
    • Custom (comma separated list of labels)
    • Font (picker)
    • Text Size
    • Outline (None, Hard, Soft, Circle)
    • Outline Size.

    The custom method could be the handiest, as it would let you st up labels like 1,2,3,4a,4b,5 and so on. If you have more points than either the custom list or the alphabetic list it will just wrap around. (i.e a custom list of just X will print an X at every point, a custom list of X,Y will label them X,Y,X,Y,X,Y, etc.)

    Here is an example showing numeric labels in with the soft outline mode:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And attached is the script.

    -Rob A>
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