/mini-rant on/

LOL, what's up with people saying they "give 110% to something"? I understand it's a figure of speech but let's get real, the absolute most you have is 100% and that means you don't even eat or sleep or stop for one second. Nobody can give more than 100% and the reality is the most anyone can do is way beneath 100% (we have to sleep for example).

What is silly to me is that all sorts of professionals use this saying. Large companies love it. It is just grossly inaccurate.

For example, "I agree 110%."...what does that even mean, it's obviously not possible? I know I'm being a bit literal but who came up with this silly saying anyhow?

** Sorry if >100% is one of your favorite things to say, I do not mean to offend and I am perhaps overstating it here because I often do ignore it. Plenty of my friends use it as well but to my mind it actually makes it harder to take you seriously **

/mini-rant off/