So here it is, after much heartbreak and tree-planting - my first digital map! It's for an RPG fantasy-steampunk game, which concerns itself with technology, magic and horror.

At the point of start this world is dominated by one superpower (the Imperial Rule of Keddis, on the north-western continent) who are dictatorial, puritanical, and are heavy proponants of the new 'Etheric Age' (its from them that most of the Etheric and mechanical technologies, landtrains, airships, mechanical and clockwork machin's come from). However, they exist in in a sez of other world powers - roughly split into the Civilisied (like the Kindgom of Vremish; a franco-central european mix) and the Barbarous (the Outlanders to the North, the Norsemen raiders and the Coastal Kingdoms). I wont go into too much setting here - just to give people a better picture of what i am depicting: a baroque renaissance - era game with heavy medieval elements on the verge of 'dangerous sciences'...

The map itself is the about the third broad version i started on - going for an oldeworlde feel with hand drawn elements. The biggest issue i had was one of scale; do i reference features or depict them realistically, etc... here's the results and i'll let much better mappers then myself be the judge!

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