Project Scope:
I have translated a book called The Siege of Shkodra into English. It was written in Latin in 1504 and describes a 15th-century Ottoman siege of the Venetian and Albanian city of Shkodra. The work is one of the few eyewitness accounts of a medieval siege ever written. Fascinating drama! See and for more information on this project.

The region of Shkodra, Albania in 1478. Shkodra and its famous castle are both easily viewable on Google maps/Earth (see link). I possess and can send you photos of ancient maps from the 1500s and 1600s to give you an idea of how things were being portrayed.

Design Concept:
I want the maps to be both realistic and creative. The idea is to create maps that will look like late-15th century maps, yet be accurate enough to orient today's students of history. Keep in mind that the book is serious classic of literature and a seminal source of history, so I don't want a science-fiction or treasure map feel at all. I would love for people viewing the maps to assume they are real maps, discovered from that time period (though the source will be cited). The geography should be realistic, but not necessarily 100% precise (none of the 15th century maps were).

Number of maps: three.
1) A regional map showing the Adriatic Sea, the Shkodra Lake, several rivers and mountain ranges, etc., along with a few pieces of artwork such as Venetian ships, castles, and Ottoman soldiers marching in.
2) A more detailed map focusing on the Shkodra fortress and the Ottoman hordes sprawled around its base. This map would include art like the Turkish tent camps, castles, churches, cannons, etc.
3) An artist rendering of the castle layout itself from overhead. I possess detailed information and photos so there will be little design work—mostly artwork. For this I envision something like the one linked here:

Full color. Will print in a 6x9 book and will be used on my website promoting the book. I’m not sure what the industry standard is for types of files (jpg, tiff, etc.).

Remains with cartographer but I retain the right to use and reproduce the maps for my book, website, and other needs related to the book project.

March 20 / flexible.

$200 payable via Paypal upon delivery of the final files.
Two print copies of the finished book upon publication.

David Hosaflook
Please use subject line: Shkodra Map Enqury