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Thread: Good Day!

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    Default Good Day!

    Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Following a link to the Cartographers Guild seems to have been one of my more fortuitous clicks. What a vast repository of knowledge lies within.

    I'm a Call of Cthulhu gamer, with little or no experience of map making or design software which given the added atmosphere props can bring to the game, is a handicap. I do however have a willingness to learn.

    I prefer the 'Gaslight' genre within the Cthulhu setting, and I'll be needing to create some authentic looking period maps, as well as floorplans for some locations (complete with props in place such as bookcases, rugs, chairs, etc).

    Right now I have no idea what software is best to use for these kinds of project, but I do have Photoshop which I'm assuming is a good start. That said I have no idea how to use it but my 'Photoshop for Dummies' tome is on it's way to me right now. So, it'll be a lot of trawling through different threads to find what I need.

    So without further ado, I bid you well met and farewell.

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    ::: removes his hat and sweeps his arm low.. offering the fanciest of bows :::

    There's a great Tutorials|How-to section located in the Mapping Resources section of the forum. Additionally, you've wandered into what I believe to be the friendliest forum on the planet. Lots of constructive help|criticism to be found here sir, all you need do is ask for it.

    Welcome to the guild Professor Thomas
    A man shows who he is, by what he does, with what he has.

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    Welcome, though I should mention that Cthulhu is less popular than Nyarlhotep in these hallowed halls of the Old Times ...

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