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Thread: B/W version of my still unnamed world

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    Default B/W version of my still unnamed world

    I "revisited" my map that I had done because I wanted a black & white version of it. Here's what I've got so far.

    As you can maybe see, I currently work especially on font and placing of it, tips about that are welcome. Other than that, I'm of course happy about any feedback and ideas about style and topography.

    As for cities, so far I only included one "type" of city. I want to distinguish between small villages, big villages/small cities, and big cities. Should I distinguish them only with their "icon" or also with font, like Capital letters (as used with the capital cities in this version)? Bold font doesn't look that good on this map.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Stunning. It really does have a great impact when it opens up on the screen.

    As for your question re cities - i do both. I will often use different symbols for my cities and also change the font size, although i dont tend to change the font.

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