Heya, so.. been a member for some time. Lurking and such. However am considering becoming more active.

I am working on transitioning to or rather refining my skill with photoshop for use in my map making. Pencil/Ink and paper, I'll draw to scale (4 sq./inch graph) near replica Ford Ranger including clutter in the truck bed. Top down however. Photoshop though, even working with drawing scanned in I am likely to produce your toddler's rendition of color on something. Heh.

Anyhow, if anyone likes I love to draw maps and if you are looking for some resources for your own I can ink something and scan it for free (touching it up or coloring it is alll you, same goes for making a brush/stamp/symbol/pattern or w/e). I'd likely even do a full map assuming its not super exacting and fits on a 8.5"x11" sheet of graph paper. As for objects, like cars.. lamp posts, horses, fences, an armor rack, pin cushion corpse (arrows), siege cannon, banner poles, firey infernos you name it, I am more than happy to take commissions, however keep in mind that the finished w/e will be inked (not colored) and top down image, I have some photoshop skill and will clean things up the best I can though the polish such as coloring and creating a symbol or stamp or w/e from it would be beyond me and as such up to you. IN any case, hello, and if you like, shoot me a PM or some such.