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    So, Saturday night right before we settled down for a gaming session of my tabletop RPG, Legends of Nor'Ova, I showed a friend of my who I regard to be one heck of an artist the map I was working on for an upcoming campaign, which was basically me drwaing on to the computer a map that I had already drawn on large sheet vellum graph paper. After looking it over he strongly suggested I come here. I am guessing he is a member here, but wouldn't know what his member ID is so yeah.

    Anyways, so I've joined here with the purpose of sharing my WIP maps to get feedback, critiq, and instruction on improvement. I am by no means an artist. I consider myself a novice map maker at best, and even that may be strecthing it a bit. I am slowly getting more accustomed to how to use the tools I have, and practice is making me a little better, but yeah.

    My primary map making tool is GIMP, being that I am a linux user. I also like Krita, but mainly for dungeon maps. My only input device for map making is my Logitech Marble Trackball which IMO does a lot better job than a mouse, but obviously not as precise as a drawing tablet, which I so desperately want lol.

    I have no plans to upload any of my completed maps, as those are completed so getting instruction on how to improve them would be useless. I want to not only share what I am creating, but to also learn and improve so I think it is best to only stick with uploading WIP maps. Of course though, I'll share the completed WIP map that I've been sharing here to show the final view of all of the hard work and such.

    Anyways, looking forward to sharing in the beautiful art of carteography with you all!

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    Welcome to the guild!
    My finished maps

    Mapping Worlds (My blog about mapping)

    Imaginary maps (My facbook page devoted to mapping)

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    Thanks! Looking forward to sharing maps with you. Posted my current WIP, but gotta wait on mod approval first.

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