It'd be useful at times to be able to write mathematical notation in posts. Math plays a big role in cartography and graphics, even if we don't always use deal with the math directly. Sometimes the math does become a direct issue and it would be nice to have some support when it does.

There's a Javascript library called MathJax which can add math notation rendering easily. It looks for LaTeX math notation in the page and converts it to nicely typeset math. It provides a fallback system with checks for mathematical fonts, uses CSS font download to provide them if they aren't, and has image based fonts as a backup, and it can use MathML for layout if the browser supports it or uses HTML and CSS otherwise.

I've tried it out quickly with Greasemonkey, and it seems to work just fine with the Guild's site.

For instance \[\sum^n_{k=1}k=\frac{n(n+1)}{2}\]