So there I am wrapping up a job today and conversing with the woman of the house and somehow it comes out that I'm a bit of an artist. No biggie right?

I get a phone call tonight from her husband asking if I could take a look at some big signs he wants modified/repainted for his backyard around the pool as well as provide input on an idea he has to paint? a couple dolphins (basically a mural on a concrete slab) on a portion of the patio and then seal it and whatever.

I'm thinking...well....I could probably do the signs but I'm not sure on the concrete. I do have friends who know about putting down stamped stone and staining but whoa. Personally I think I would go for a mosaic made of tile on the concrete if it was me but I haven't looked at what he's talking about yet.

So...I've never done anything like this before but it would certainly be different from my regular day to day thing. I'm a little boggled but I kind of want to do it.