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Thread: Map Commission – Paid – Tales of Marilia Books

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    Map Commission – Paid – Tales of Marilia Books

    Story so far:

    I spent about a week making a nice map for my fantasy kindle book series a few years back and it had a good look and feel to it for a beginner. Annoyingly I knew/thought I had an email copy of it on file so when I changed hard drives I had no worries……so I thought.

    Sadly it’s gone and I don’t have a copy of it anywhere so I have to start again or perhaps someone here could. I have a recently published fantasy book on Amazon called The Squire by CP Sennett (me) and it is going to be part of an initial set of 6 books.

    I am looking to quickly get a professional map in place and thought I would try a community of others who know what there doing. I started playing with the Pro Fantasy software again and realized it will be a big job to get in finished amongst all the other work I have to do.

    I am expecting and able to pay I think about $75 really for the work and can provide all the key places of interest, town’s, cities etc. As this is a self funded project I am looking to get something good for being honest not a fortune.

    I can give a rough guide to the shape of the continent etc.


    I am open to a bit of direction on this but as it’s a main continent on the world it’s a fair size with a fair bit on it.

    Something gothic old world feel would be nice but open to guidance on this.


    In essence I would own all the work for it but I would be more than happy for the creater to use it in promotional material and they will get full credit for the work etc.


    This would be made 50% up front and 50% on completion and I am a pretty reasonable guy to work with.


    I am ideally looking for someone to be able to take this project on now. Big ask I know.

    Quality and Size

    Quality I am looking for is befitting a decent ebook so only amateur people who can provide recent samples of works, I am happy to consider non pro’s as people need their break etc. It’s a large map doing the full thing and fuller details can follow.


    Contact me through the site or by email at

    Additional Notes

    If the book takes off and a lot of time is going into it with website, twitter followings and also a possible online RPG being made by its creators coming on it could well lead to other better paid commissions for cities etc.

    You will also be named in the ebook as the map’s creator and the quality will need to be good enough for print/websites etc.

    What’s in it for you

    A copy of the book (I will pay for as its not expensive to buy) a chance to work on an ongoing project and to assist with other areas of shaping this setting if your interested. It has had 20 years of my time so far. Please let me know.

    If not takers quickly I will have to do it myself (which I am not busting a gut to do as writing is taking up time).

    Also a featured blog post on our site which is in production also if your interested in plugging yourself.

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    Hi, i am interested in your request. A map in an old style is my most recent work |---->
    And I am also an illustrator and can draw charakters and landscapes, if needed. I also have lots of personal experiences with Maps from Fantasy-Novels and would be able to create a streamlined workoutput for such an ongoing project like yours. If you have other ideas about style and content, examples of your personal taste of maps would be nice to see, so we can answer if we are fit to do it.

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    We recently had a post about making maps for ebooks which has some important issues to consider ahead of time. I'm not sure how these will effect your final product considering you also want the map to be useful for a website, etc. Perhaps the ebook map will not be as readable? I personally have not yet created a map for an ebook so it is unfamiliar territory for me.

    That said, it does sound like a great project that I would be interested in. I agree with Schwarzkreuz' in that a few examples of map styles would help in determining if it is something we can provide.
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