I would like to request a city map for the campaign world I am creating.

The city is one of the world's more important ones, having at various times been the center of an empire, the hub of trade and culture, dominant both religiously and symbolically and so on. It is also very ancient.

The general outline is that of a coastal city based on two hills and its valley. A minor river flows in the valley between these eastern and western hills and ends in the waters to the south.

Slightly below the eastern hill is a great harbor, along the lines of this, where the outer coastal sides would be occupied by a civillian harbor.

The palace on the eastern hill should look something like this. The important part is the drum tower and circle walls. Here lived the former emperor, who lost his power and lived on as religious head of the dominant faith.

On the western hill, there is another palace, but looking more like a military fort. In imperial times, this was the center of the first general, who had usurped power from the emperor. The lower slopes are occupied by the villas and minor palaces of the rich.

In the valley between the two palaces lie the markets and the poor and less poor districts. A minor military harbor exists on the very western side of the western hill (the one the first general lived in). Between this harbor and the harbor of the eastern hill, are steep cliffs.

The main wall is very thick and encircles the city. Old walls exist on the western hill around the old emperor's palace, but they have mostly been eaten up by the urban sprawl. It is possible to see these old walls having been added at various times in the city´s history, at different stages of growth and size.