After much confusion in the past ten minutes.... I have finally found the forums.

Hello, I'm new here - extremely. I've only been on this site once or twice before for the tutorials I find on google searches. And hopefully I'll get a feel around this place soon.

....and I just went on my email and saw a very convenient link to the forums. Something must be wrong with me today...

I've only very recently started an interest in digital map making, today literally. I do have questions and the one that keeps knocking around in my head is: What programs do you people use?

I did my research, and so far World Machine, Vue and Terragen are popular. There are a few others like that profantasy site - but I don't like the chincy graphics in the demo photos. So, my dear peers and pros in this game, can you give a lead in which programs (listed here or not) you would recommend to someone who wants to do a realistic world map?