In this month's competition we take to the high seas. The challenge is to map a sea chart but somewhere on the chart is the location of a secret. It may be a lost undersea city, buried treasure or a wizard's isle: the nature of the secret is up to you. How you wish to provide clues to your secret location is also up to you. For example, you can compose a riddle in the margin using latitude and longitude numbers, you might choose to use arcane symbols or you might want to cleverly disguise your secret using visual clues in the map itself. Alternatively, you might want to accompany your map with a rhyme or riddle.

  • The majority of your map must be an ocean or sea.
  • Your map must contain at least one continental coastline (in whole or in part) and at least four islands, the scale of the map is at the creator's discretion.
  • Located on your map must be a secret place (which itself obviously need not be drawn or marked) but which requires the reader to solve a puzzle in order to discover either it's nature or its location or both.
  • Bonus consideration will be given for a back story to your map

Remember to adhere to the contest rules, plus create a thread for your entry (WIPs welcome), and if you have any questions please post them in this thread. Good luck!