As I continue to repeat over and over, I am not an artist. Well that's what I tell myself anyway, despite surprising myself every now and then. I continue to say how I can't freehand draw for squat and make my maps solely by manipulating existing assets and clip art, but every now and then I do something that I can't help but stare at wondering "how the hell did I do this?"

Since today was a slow day at the office, I decided to experiment and make my own compass rose...

Click image for larger version. 

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Basic concept was done using a tutorial from (which I found through DeviantArt's CG group), with my own tweaks and such. It is done entirely in vector using Adobe Fireworks CS5.

I question whether it's too big, whether the proportions are out of whack, and what (if anything) to put in and around the center.

Opinions? Comments? Suggestions? Complaints?