I've been debating whether the outer ring looks better above or below the arrows; I'm leaving it above as it appears in the original.

Since I'm in a giving mood, here they are in native Fireworks PNG format (which is all vector) and in a "flattened" PNG (raster).

Base images are 746x873 with a transparent background. And even though the Fireworks one is native vector, it does use pattern fills that I don't know how they'll translate to other software, so YMMV.

Fireworks PNG, vector format (approx. 1Mb):

Flattened PNG, raster format (approx. 90K):

If you use it, I'd love to know about it.

I tried to tinker with it and change the colors a bit, making the spoked wheel wood-like and gold hilights, but I'm no good at that.