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    Post World Pictures

    Here are the isocs:

    First one is of the whole world (altitude).
    Second is of the section (altitude)
    Third: is of the section (climate)
    Fourth is of the section (rainfall)
    Last is of the section (temperature)

    To be honest, I'm not really sure how useful these are now!
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    I'll take areas 21, 22, and 24

    Oh, and I guess 6 as well.

    Also, here are some major rivers as shown by FT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NeonKnight View Post
    Also, here are some major rivers as shown by FT.

    Is there any possibility of getting this is a much higher resolution( 2 x would be good, 3 x would be great, more would be just freaking awesome) with the grid over top?

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    Would it even be possible to attach an .ftw file? I'd like to have one...since I'm going to be building a world myself I wanted to use similar settings.
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    The FTW file is over in the Thinking Big thread around page 12. Posted by NeonKnight. Some adminstrator oughta stick that attachment into this thread or something.

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    Is a map of the entire world available in Simple Cylindrical projection? (aka "Cylindrical Equidistant" or "Plate Carré" )

    My searches haven't found one. I had hoped it would be available on the Wiki, for example.

    It'd be nice to be able to view the entire globe interactively in a 3D viewer.

    I am, of course, biased toward using Celestia for this, so a heightmap would be very useful, too.

    p.s. for an example of what I mean, see
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    You wanted the height map and color maps of the world. I am still not quite up to full steam with the ole box here but I have enough going now to give a link to the color map...

    Theres no height map online but I have it. I just need to fetch it off the backup disks and upload it. The one which seer wanted was in HF2 format which is what I work in. I can do that or a greyscale png.

    Neon made the original world in Fractal Terrains Pro and I don't use that app so I don't have its preferred format or any specific projection other than the normal Mercator type for cylindrical projection. Well, if I have the projection term wrong, it will be same as the color image !

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    I've downloaded the color surface texture. It seems to be the right projection.

    How was it generated? The coloration in the oceans seems to be irregular (dithered?) instead of being a single color as I expected. The irregularities look like lots of small bumps and don't correspond to the undersea topology.

    Personally, I'd prefer png format for the heightmap, since I'm not familiar with HF2. (Is that the format used by HalfLife2? I'm not a gamer.)

    Thanks again.

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    Well Neon generated the world height map and gave it out. After some translation to my preferred format I stuck it into an app I wrote which textures height maps with various textures. The sea color is not showing much below surface. Its supposed to be the surface of the sea with some slight coloration of the sand or whatever below the surface which fades out as it gets deeper. Its sort of procedural so you can see the same shader here in Gatini Island...

    You can see that it also shades sea foam and wet sand etc. Its all done together in one huge programmable shader thing.

    I am getting my PC back into shape but I still need to grab that work area bit to get the height map.

    Oh yeah, HF2 is the second generation from HF format which is one of the height field formats. A group of us led by Aaron of L3DT came up with the spec for it. There is a free library from Aaron to load and save into it on his site. Its under lesser GPL.
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