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Thread: Random Underground Facility

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    Default Random Underground Facility

    This was just a little experiment in style. I wanted to go for a electronic type of map but I wanted to draw it entirely be hand and see how it turned out. I don't think it's too bad.

    This isn't for anything in particular. I had a dream ages ago where I was locked in some underground facility with someone else. The layout mostly matches that as far as I can remember (obviously I had to fill in a few gaps!).
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    This is pretty damn cool!

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    Looks nice. Dream based art always needs fillers. I like the use of color. Almost looks like a computer display.

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    Reminds me of an old video game map. Quite different ! Different is Good!
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    ..this looks really nice.

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    yeppers, that looks like one of those XCOM game maps.
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    thats really cool!! It reminds me of a cold war bunker.
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    This rocks, consider it used in my Endzeit Post-Apoc campaign!

    Perfect! Thanks a lot!


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    Looks great. One thing though - logistically it makes no sense for the pantry and freezer to be isolated from the canteen/kitchen. The kitchen at least should have direct access to the pantry and freezer and there could be additional access points to those areas for restocking purposes.

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    You are completely right, Funny Hat Man. It's partially down to me not really considering things like that and also just making it up as I went along. If I do another like this, I'll put a bit more thought into the overall layout.

    And thanks for the comments everyone!

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