First, this is not even a really important issue but I figured I may as well kick it out there since it niggled my brain for a small moment and clearly I don't have anything better to do, Haha.

I noticed recently the rep squares changed in that you no longer see the actual points accumulated. Instead you get some verbiage which doesn't mean much to me since we don't have a key for the sayings.

I was curious what happened for the points to disappear? Is it still there somewhere but I just don't know where to look? Maybe we wanted to do this so it wouldn't become a contest of some kind? (Although it does sort of show certain level of appreciation for what folks have done to contribute to the site so maybe that's not a horrible idea.....speaking of which I'm going to go on a rep spree and hit all the admins I have seen active these days because if anyone deserves a rep pat on the back it's them.)

I imagine this changed when the upgrades took place but I'm just slow to realize it

Thanks for reading this semi waste of time post