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    Hi all and sundry, old lurker named Chris Sigmund who's decided t start pursuing some education in game mapping in earnest. I am moderatly experienced in Photoshop/GIMP from my passion for digital photgraphy. I hve also obtained Artrage, a Wacom Bamboo tablet and Hexographer, and will be attempting to learn the use of these tools. I love maps, as I imagine most here do as well, and I used to draw quite a bit as a kid... til i got my first camera anyway Looking to get back into my artistic interests, possibly even for a career as a biological illustrator. Anyway, this is an awesome site and forum and ya'all can teach me so much it's almost overwhelming. Any suggestions and guidance are and will be eternally appreciated. Thanks for a fantastic (in many ways ) resource.

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    Heyo Chris!

    I'm still fairly new here myself, but I've found that most in this community are always willing to help when asked. They are very friendly, and offer detailed non-judgmental constructive criticism. There's a great Tutorial | How-To section of the forum if you're looking for a good place to start.

    Looking forward to seeing your maps.

    Welcome to the Cartographers' Guild!

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    Been looking over the tutorials section, which is pure gold IMO... loads and loads of great stuff in there. My ambitions are being held back at the moment by my college classes, but I'm messing around when I can, mostly with Hexographer for now. I started a thread here about hex maps if anyone would care to share in it. Thanks for the welcome.

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    Thanks. I have definitely been reading the tutorials section with great interest. My college classes prevent me from devoting loads of time on this, but I am slowly working on improvement. I have started a thread here on hex maps and hexographer, if anyone's interested in commenting.

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