It's been quite a while since I've actually gone and made a forum introduction; usually I try to minimize the number of forums I frequent, and then normally lurk in the background 'til I've seen enough to jump into conversation. I guess this time is different mostly because I don't expect to become as much of an expert or enthusiast as I understand many here are. Actually, I'm here mostly because I need help (er, would very much appreciate help); but I'm sure that will all come out in due time. Of course, knowing myself, I'll probably end up becoming a great cartography enthusiast anyway (I can be a bit of a perfectionist, some would say ironically).

I suppose then that since these are threads, which imply conversation, I should ask anyone interested in my introduction what exactly they were hoping I should address, though I don't suppose I shall necessarily answer every possible question of that variety. Also, this seems an appropriate place to offer my regards on what thus far appears to be quite an excellent website, forum, and community, in every possible respect.

Now then, in words akin to Bilbo's, I must be going now, but will certainly check in later when I have more time,


Oh, no, I don't speak french, though I should someday like to learn, and asking applicants whether they are spammers as a self-avowed random question seems like the worst kind of trick - at least to those prone to hyper-analysis (or attempted hyper-analysis), such as myself. Also, the coding and functionality of this site is exceptional (in case I didn't emphasize that enough) I can't express my gratitude enough for that.