This month it's all about turning familiar situations on their head. Other than the theme, the subject matter is wide open.

This could be a map of a landmass the shape of the Mediterranean with the sea of Europe to the north, and the ocean of Africa to the south. It could be map of the dwellings of the earthgliding Xorn that live and move in solid rock, but cannot travel through the open spaces of the dungeon. It could simply be a map of the world where north points to the bottom of the page.

For this challenge - think about what familiar conventions we rely on in maps and mapmaking. Pick one of them and turn it on its head and see what results. Don't be afraid to experiment and try a few things before settling on your map - this is an exercise in challenging the viewers assumptions (and your own).

As always, to enter you must:
• Start a new thread in this forum with the title February/March Lite Challenge Entry - <name of entry>
• Attach any work in progress images to your posts using the forum Attachment Manager
• Use the tag ### Latest WIP ### before any image you post so that the thumbnail manager can pick it up.

The challenge will end on the 15th of March, and the winner will receive a silver lite compass. Good luck!

You can find the current thumbnails of the maps in progress here: