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    Help The World of Vanitas: Light and Shadow (TAKEN)

    Hey everyone,
    I'm new to the Cartographer's Guild, but I'd love to get the help of some experienced members mapping a fantasy world for my D&D 3.5e campaign. It takes place in the World of Vanitas, which is overrun by Shadows every 10,000 years and reshaped at their whim. I'm looking for a map-maker to help me make this dream a reality. While I would prefer a volunteer, I am willing to pay for this if need be. Please contact me if you are at all interested!

    I'd love cities, ruins, etc to have different graphics, if possible. For instance, the cities of one nation should have one graphic while those of another nation should have a second graphic and any ruins or fortresses should have a third graphic (actually, one set of graphics which includes cities of different sizes). As part of ongoing campaigns, I'd also like to be able to add new cities and such to the maps as the campaign advances, if at all possible. Therefore I'd be exremely greatfulif you could provide all the individual city/ruin/etc graphics, as well as the font(s) used for the names, along with the maps when they're done.


    --Earth-sized continent, with four main continents and a smaller chain of islands forming a demi-continent.
    --Continent A is the largest, and also the most varied in terms of climate. The central area is largely plains and mountains dotted with rivers and lakes, with the western coast heavily desert, the northwest largely jungle and swamp, and the southeast a nearly impassable mountain region. Overall has the most inhabitants, but large areas are unsettled. This world's equivalent of Asia in terms of overall population size. Positioned slightly east of the "center" of this world.
    --Continent B is mountainous and frigid, though the southeast and southwest, with the area between the two more temperate and coastal, making them popular port cities. This is the least populated continent. Positioned north of the center, and slightly west.
    --Continent C is larger than Continent B (B is 1/3 of A, and C is 1/2 of A), it is crescent shaped, and holds a central desert with the rest of the area largely populated by forests, except for the eastern coast, which is tropical in the south and similar to the Eastern United States in the north. This is the most densely populated continent, though Continent A has more inhabitants overall. Positioned to the southwest of Continent A, though it extends vertically underneath A and up to the world's "center".
    --Continent D is about the same size as Continent C. On the whole, this continent is more or less like modern Europe (in terms of overall land size and climate). It's overall shape is similar to Africa, if the bottom 50% of Africa was turned at a right angle to the top half horizontally. It is about as populated as South America. Straight west of the world's "center".
    --The chain of islands, forming a demi-continent, takes up about half the land area of Continent B, and is like a larger version of southeast Asian island chain. Positioned in the "southwest" of this world.

    --Similar to this, this, or this
    ----Either old world (black/white) style or more colored, detailed, is acceptable, though higher level of detail is obviously preferred.

    Quality & Size
    --High quality, professional ideally
    --Required for web
    --Dimensions: as needed/desired by author. Should fit on one standard web page without stretching if possible.

    Time Constraints
    --Ideally, I'd like this done as fast as possible. Within one month is highly desired, with greater speed likely resulting in greater payment.

    --Copyright shall belong wholly to the author, though I shall be allowed to reproduce it for private purposes on public sites, though credit shall always be given to its author. (this will be wholly for Gaming purposes)

    Contact Details
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    Hello Jkopel1205, please read the sticky at the top of the mapmaking requests thread. I'm sure that you will find someone that want to help you, but some more (and correct) info from you will surely make that much easier (and faster as well).
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    Thanks Clercon. Changes have been made to provide greater detail.

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    Mark as taken.

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    How do I make that change?

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    Thanks RobA!

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