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Thread: Sokhin System Map

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    Default Sokhin System Map

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I used this to generate the system (though not the moons, I had to improvise those) and then I mapped it out in Illustrator.

    Originally I was going to display some information about each planet beneath it's name, but I ran out of space pretty quickly when I tried that. My current plan is to move it into the text box once I get around to writing that out - any suggestions on that are welcome, though.

    (also wow i really need to finish up some of my other mapping projects)

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    You could include the planet information by adding columns between the graphs and putting the info at the "height" of the planet's orbit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cfds View Post
    You could include the planet information by adding columns between the graphs and putting the info at the "height" of the planet's orbit.
    Hmm, I think that could work.

    After a bit of nudging things around, here's where I am now.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quite incomplete, obviously, but I think this method has promise. Next will be doing the next two columns, and fixing all the bits that I broke while I was mucking around with it. None of the colors are final, I just thought I'd see how it looked with darker columns. Anyway, I should probably get to bed before the sun comes up.

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    Time for an update!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Aside from the visual changes, I changed the scale to be more accommodating to planets orbiting past 1 AU and increased the last one to 30 AU. The names and planets are different because I was working on it on my laptop when I went to redo the orbits and discovered that I had forgotten to bring the file containing the info for Sokhin's planets. I decided to use another system for the time being, since once I have the look down creating the actual system is quite fast.

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    Wow, I love the look; very striking!

    Are the orbits on any sort of measurable scale, or just approximated? If the latter, how did you decide how far apart to make each one?

    Also, I think the void of empty space beyond the outermost planet in the third panel is actually a very effective way of denoting just how far out and alone the outermost planets are. There's some pretty effective subtext in the simple act of leaving so much space empty, I think. Repped!

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    It looks great, but I wonder about the gas giant in between the two habitable planets. I assume the star is similar to our own, in which case I don't think you could fit three planets in the habitable zone - gas giants tend to be pretty disruptive to nearby neighbors.

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