I would be using this map as reference for D&D.

This would be a map of three cities that, over time, melted into one. Zida is the oldest of the cities, then Laneh, then Yoren.

Zida is characterized by its broken down walls, many arches, and rambling roads. In it is a huge university, and a slightly larger palace. The palace should be located by a wall. Zida is broken into four districts: the slums, the markets, the palace (which includes many mansions around it.), and the university.

Laneh is a very rigid city. The roads are arragnged in a grid pattern. In the center of the city is the federal district, which has numerous government buildings, plus a castle (not a palace, more of a fort). Around the federal district is a very small area of shops. Other than the federal district, Laneh is very poor, and is mostly slums.

Yoren is a port city. As such, it has no walls, many docks, and no palace to speak of. The city fades from fairly reputable on the outside, to crime-ridden near the docks. Near the docks should be at least one tavern, though more would be preferrable. It should be mostly laid out in a grid pattern, with a lot of nooks and crannies. Near the outside, closer to Laneh than to Zida, should be a small school.

The area inbetween-
The area inbetween should ramble. Any major roads would probably continue, though minor roads would dead-end. Mostly, this area is filled with houses and shops.

The cities are laid out like this:
Zida Laneh

A rough sketch of the coast. The scale is 50 miles per inch. Anywhere on the coast is acceptable, though near the middle would be preferrable. The cities should be 5-9 miles in radius.
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I am looking for a basic street map, and could care less about detail. But, so long as it's comprehensible, I'll accept anything.

Again, so long as it's comprehensible, I'll accept anything in the following formats: gif, jpg, png, xcf, tiff.

No deadline. I've only just started writing the campaign. I should be finished by late June/ early July.

The cartographer keeps copyright, but I get reproduction rights.

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